Stamp - Scientist


This Halftone Stamp, shows a Scientist working.

Measurements : 67mm h x 45mm w x 23mm  d

Halftones were made by the original printed photograph being re-photographed through a glass screen with a pattern of tiny apertures, onto a film or a plate. 

This was then developed at very high contrast, resulting in dots which varied in size according to the intensity in the original. 

This, in turn, was used to make a sort of contact print on a sheet of metal using a material which would harden when exposed to light. 

The rest of that material was then washed away, and acid etch used to dissolve the bare areas between the dots. 

This resulted in a plate which was used in the printing press. 

Which was then fastened to a wood block and locked into place along with the type on the page.

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